The 6 Best Penis Extenders in 2018 (Don’t Buy an Extender Until You Read This)

There are many penis extender brands available on the market today, but to help you in your purchase decision, we are only going to review the 6 best penis extenders.

If you’re looking for a penis extender, you may be wondering what are the best penis extender brands. Surely, no one wants to end up with a piece of junk!

Bigger is better, at least to some people. For men, having a bigger penis is a huge plus to their manliness. If anyone gets a chance to improve what they already have, why pass up on that chance?

Surgical penile enhancement procedures used to be the leading choice. It promises instant results. The downside is that surgeries always carry a huge risk.

Yes, it could grow the penis, but only for a few centimeters.

Surgeons simply cannot open up the penis and pull the stuff manually to make it longer, and then sew it back on. There is only so much that surgeons can do within a few hours.

Pills entered the scene, promising instant results. The downside is that most of these penis enhancement pills are untested. Taking an untested pill, even if it is marketed as a supplement, can be a very risky move.

Enter the penis extender world!

These products manually provide continuous pulling action on the penile shaft. This stimulates increase in the length and girth of the penis.

The following are the finest penis extenders on the market today.

The Finest Penis Extenders on the Market

SizeGenetics Comfort Package


SizeGenetics™ is a device clinically proven to promote penile growth. It can extend the penis size by a few inches.

The principle behind this device is applying tension, 800 grams of it to be exact.

This tension has been well studied to promote the optimum extended growth of the penis. This amount of tension may seem extreme but it is safe and effective.

The product was developed as a collaborative effort of a team composed by US and Danish doctors. It took 18 years to come up with this most extreme but safe penis extender device.

The device comes with an advanced comfort system. Wearing it is extremely comfortable while a huge amount of tension if being applied. This extreme comfort will allow for longer and more frequent use. This will eventually translate to bigger and faster gains.

The advanced comfort system lets users to easily and quickly adjust the device. This promotes greater comfort, making the entire experience even more enjoyable.

There are 58 various ways to wear the device. That makes it easy to adjust in order to cater to the different goals and needs of various penis sizes and shapes

The SizeGenetics ™ device was developed in partnership with 3M. This is a leader in health care that is trusted all over the globe. The plasters underneath SizeGenetics™ are made by 3M.

These plasters were made using advanced comfort technology. These effectively prevent slippage and rubbing, adding greater comfort while wearing SizeGenetics™.

SizeGenetics™ Verdict:

Comfort is the main attraction with this device. The massive pulling force may be a bit concerning but then again, the entire device was fitted to make the entire experience comfortable.

This product is worth trying because it comes with a 100% risk free offer. It has a 6 months (180 days) money-back guarantee.

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PHALLOSAN forte review & discount

Phallosan Forte

The principle behind this penis enhancement product is to apply a gentle stretching action on the penis to promote cellular growth. This principle has long been used by both primitive societies and modern medicine.

The basic idea is that constant distention of the tissues will trigger cellular reproduction. This has been proven to really work in various settings.

Primitive communities in the African desert used this principle to elongate body parts such as necks and lower lips. Modern medicine uses this to promote new cell formation as part of orthopedic rehabilitation.

The process stimulated by traction is hardly noticeable. The results will eventually become evident within a few months of continued application. This is a natural process that effectively promotes growth and elongation.

Phallosan® Forte applies this same basic principle on the penis. Traction is applied gently in order to stimulate growth of penile tissues. The distention is gentle, hardly noticeable at all. It isn’t even painful.

This device is effective in enlarging the penis, as confirmed by a scientific study conducted in 2004. This device even garnered a mention in Sexual Medicine in 2005.

This is the most prominent medical journal specializing in urology. In 2009, Phallosan® again received a mention in the same journal on the topic about penis curvatures.

This device applies gentle stretching force on the penis. The device comes with a protective cap and airtight special sleeves that will protect the foreskin and the glans of the penis.

A stretch belt will secure the penis while a special mechanism within the device will exert the even and continuous pulling force. The average increase in size is 1.9 inches over the course of 6 months.

Phallosan® Verdict:

Phallosan® Forte is backed by scientific study results and mentioned by a leading journal specializing in penile issues.

That is a huge testament that this product delivers what it promises.

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PeniMaster PRO Review

Penimaster PRO

This device has found several applications. It is primarily to help in extending the length of the penis and increase its circumference.

The tip of the penis?

That is called the glans and it enlarges with PeniMaster® penis expander, too. Other applications include improvements in penis erection and straightening of penis curvature.

The idea behind this product is applying long-term stimulation that supports penile enlargement. This is the most effective way of promoting growth for men beyond 20 years of age. The stimulation applied by PeniMaster® is a physical pulling force.

When applied, this device will promote elongation and thickening of the penis. New cells grow in a 3-dimensional direction, causing it to lengthen and thicken.

Immediate result can be seen with short-term use of PeniMaster®. This is more often a short-lived effect of the stretching force.

To get a more permanent result, the device would have to be worn a longer period more frequently. Long-term use promotes the growth of new penile tissue in a three-dimensional direction.

This leads to the increase in length and improvement in the circumference of the penis. These changes will be permanent.

Aside from improving the length and girth, use of the PeniMaster® will also improve erection.

The action of this device affects the penis’ cavernous body. This action is similar to how weight training acts on this important penis internal structure. The result is a harder erection and greater sexual stamina.

PeniMaster® Verdict:

The PeniMaster® Penis Expander can be an effective tool to achieve immediate (but short-lived) changes in penile dimensions. Long-term use can create permanent results.

This stands out from all other similar products because it also promotes growth of the glans penis. The effects are not limited to the body or the penile shaft.

That is an all-around penile growth more desirable than mere lengthening.

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proextender review & coupon code


Looking for a way to effectively improve penis size or shape without taking pills or undergoing surgery? Want to have a straighter penis but not willing to undergo the risks of surgery?

Try the ProExtender™ Enlargement device.

This product was an invention of a Danish doctor, Dr. Siana, in 1994.

Clinical tests were performed in the greater part of the last decade to ascertain this device’s effectiveness and safety.

Those studies came out positive, earning ProExtender™ extensive backing of the medical community.

This device works by applying gentle, painless and safe traction to the entire length of the penis. A fastener will secure the device to the base of the penis and another around the head or the corona glans. The traction apparatus is found in between and is fully adjustable.

The longitudinal force applied on the penis can be gradually increased. This force will act on the penis shaft. This will trigger the natural reaction to increase the multiplication of cells. This will cause the gradual expansion and elongation.

The pulling force applied on the penis is controlled and accurate. The device has installed an easy-to-use mechanism to know how much force to use on the penis to achieve the desired results.

This product comes as a single product purchase or part of a larger ProExtender™ System. This offer will provide an even greater result.

The system includes a number of products from Dana Medic and Leading Edge Health. That means getting the highest quality of medical enlargement devices along with supplements of highest quality, too.

Each product is top of the line, promising safe and effective use.

ProExtender™ Verdict:

This is a revolutionary product that provides effective penile length in inches, averaging of 1.5 to 2 inches with continued use.

This is worth trying as a single product purchase or as part of the ProExtender™ System.

This product is actually being recommended by many doctors worldwide, in 29 different countries to be exact.

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Jes Extender Review & Coupon Code

Jes Extender

Surgery is not the only answer to getting a larger penis. Jes Extender can do a much better job with less risk, pain and complications.

By applying traction (pulling force) on the penis, new cells are stimulated to form. If more cells are created, the penis grows. This is what makes real results that last.

Growth is not only limited to lengthening. Increase in girth can also happen.

This concept has been demonstrated for years as an effective way to promote tissue growth. Physicians all over the world use traction as the best method in promoting penile enlargement.

Growth can be as much as 24% of current size. Increase in size can reach up to 2-3 inches in just a few weeks.

Jes Extender is smartly designed to provide continuous traction on the penile tissues. The device is easy to mount and apply. This is very important because improper application will compromise blood flow to the penis.

It’s very comfortable to wear underneath loose pants. Users won’t feel as if lugging a bulky, heavy item in between their crotch. The pressure is only from the traction applied and not from the weight of the device.

How fast and how much growth happens depend on use. Changes typically become more noticeable within weeks or months of proper and continued use.

Wearing the device is at any time of the day, for as long as the user would like. Better results occur with longer use. The manufacturer cautions to limit use to not more than 6 to 8 hours a day.

Users get to control how much growth they want by controlling the amount of traction and the length of use. Penile growth typically continues after 26 weeks of continued use.

Jes Extender Verdict:

The idea behind surgery is just to improve the way the penis looks.

With Jes Extender, the results are not instant but with patience and constant use, improvements will be seen.

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male edge review & coupons

Male Edge

This penile enhancement product is an all-natural, non-surgical method that will help grow the penis. It is tested and proven through clinical studies.

The concept behind this product is providing continuous traction on the penile muscles.

Several different institutes have come up with scientific documentation that showed the effectiveness of this method.

Compared to surgery, the results from the use of Male Edge Penis Enlarger are permanent. The penis growth is also larger compared to only a slight increase after surgery. There are no risks and complications otherwise common with surgery.

This device is applied to the penis and traction is adjusted. Traction will stimulate a process called cytokinesis. Penis grows as more cells multiply.

The front piece of this device has a 2-way design. It allows for adjustments to better optimize traction based on existing penis size when flaccid.

With this device, there is greater control over how much growth can be achieved and at what pace. Longer use will result to greater increase in size.

The length increase can reach up to 2 to 3 inches. It isn’t just the length that improves. Penis girth also increases. The amount of traction can also be controlled. Greater traction will result in greater cell division.

As a result, potential increase in length and girth will be greater, too.

Male Edge Penis Enlarger is comfortable to use. It is so light and easy to wear, allowing for comfortable use for longer periods. It can be worn while at home or outdoors, underneath loose pants.

This product is safe in naturally enhancing penis size. The efficacy and safety of use has been assessed under Europe’s Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Male Edge Penis Enlarger is certified as a medical device.

Male Edge Verdict:

This product’s promise of increase in penis size is backed by certification from a trusted agency.

Results depend on the pace set by the user. That is, it depends on how long the device is worn, how often and how much traction is applied.

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In Summary

These products basically work under the same principle. The difference in results are based on features that allow for more traction, more comfort while in use, or in the overall design.

No two products will provide the exact same results. Moreover, no product will produce the exact same results among different users.

The key is to keep evaluating response and then adjusting the chosen device until the desired results are achieved. This concludes our discussion on the leading penis extenders.


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