[2018] Phallosan forte: Review, Results & Discount

Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, disinterest in sex — these are only a few examples of what many men all over the world suffer from due to a small or below average sized penis.

Now, there’s a solution to all of these! Instead of suffering in silence, why not get an upgrade?Phallosan Forte Review + Discount

And this is what Phallosan forte is for (at least, that’s what the manufacturer claims).

Over the years, there have been countless products in the market promising to deliver the results that you want but fall short of what they were expected to deliver. Not Phallosan forte. Phallosan forte is a penis extender that builds on the improvements developed by other manufacturers over the years.

What makes Phallosan forte different is that it continues to make sure that they stay at the top of the game by continuing to innovate. This is why Phallosan forte is confident in what they promise to deliver to the customer in terms of effects they can produce if the gadget is used correctly. Check out some of the benefits you can derive from continued use of the Phallosan forte:

  • Gain a significant increase in length and girth without experiencing any pain or discomfort.
  • Improve your ability to gain an erection and keep it!
  • And experience a lot of positive changes in just a few months!

Penis extenders have been around for many years. These products have helped men all over the world with the promised effects of increasing either size or girth or both! There are also many ways to use these penis extenders. Unfortunately, the one thing that is constant among all these products in the market is the need to wear these penis extenders for extended periods of time.

Imagine having something stretching your penis for 8 to 12 hours?  That can be a very uncomfortable experience. But this duration of time is very much needed as it encourages the growth of new cells to your penis.

Phallosan forte focuses on ensuring that you get to maximize the effects of using a penis extender by making sure that you’re comfortable while you’re using it. So, there’s no reason for you to dread using it for extended periods of time.

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How Does It Work?

You already know that the Phallosan forte is a penis extender which can help you increase the length and girth of your penis without any pain or unbearable feelings of discomfort. It can also help in straightening or correcting curved penises.

Unlike other penis extenders, the Phallosan forte can effectively give your penis great results without you having to put up with the uncomfortable sensations that your manhood has to endure. It can also correct the shape of curved penises without resorting to shrinking the member to make it straight. And Phallosan forte promises to deliver these results in as little time as six months!

The Phallosan forte Extender System

The Phallosan forte Extender System has a very simple concept of usage. You also get a set of direct instructions that you can easily follow. This is a hassle free operation that you can correctly follow even if this is your first time to use a penis extender.

All you simply have to do is secure your penis within the Phallosan forte and leave it stretched for at least 4 hours a day. The Phallosan forte will then work on its own by encouraging new tissues to develop over the stretched areas within your penis. With continued use, the desired outcome should show within a period of six months.


Tech Specs and Instructions

One of the keys to the success of Phallosan forte in doing what it does best is the inclusion of uniquely designed devices specifically made encourage for optimal penile growth. The Phallosan forte comes in a package with a small rubber protector cap, a glass bell, a pump and a tension belt.

To use these devices, you simply have to put the small rubber protector cap on your penis’ tip. This helps minimize discomfort when using the product.

Next, take the glass bell condom and roll the condom sleeve over the entire length of your member. Place the head of your penis in it and roll the rubber sleeve back towards the base.

After you’ve done all of these, it’s simply a matter of using the bell pump to put gentle pressure on your entire manhood. This will create a comfortable vacuum that will hold everything securely in place.

Lastly, attach the belt system at the base of the penis and around your hips. This system will create a continuous tension that will help your penis to stretch in a very comfortable and convenient way. And the best thing about it is that it now enables a hands-free operation!

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The Science Behind Phallosan forte

The secret behind why the Phallosan forte works is based on the natural process of cell division called Mitosis. This is induced on the penis when using the penis extender.

How can this process of cell division help your penis increase its length and girth?

Remember that cells are the building blocks of all living organisms. With the process of Mitosis, more new cells will be developed which can help in tissue formation or improvement.  Thus, as your penis is stretched to new lengths (pun intended) the space created by the tension exerted onto your member will allow for new cells to develop over it. And since there is an even pressure exerted on all sides of your penis, you can rest assured that there is going to be an equal distribution of these new cells within your penis.

Because it follows the natural process of Mitosis, Phallosan forte does not cause any harm to your penis.

Pros and Cons

The Phallosan forte is an excellent penis extender used by many men worldwide and has resulted in a lot of satisfied customers. You can also base the high level of satisfaction on the testimonials these men have given about the product!

>> Pros

Here are the benefits you can have from Phallosan forte:

  • The device can help your penis gain an increase of up to an inch after the period of six months with a larger girth as well through the natural process of cell division.
  • The device can help in straightening your penis if you suffer from extreme curvature.
  • This device promises to increase the length of your erection time and may help solve issues like premature ejaculation!
  • You can achieve all of these results within a six month period!
  • Phallosan Forte is comfortable to use, therefore sessions with your penis extender won’t be something you dread but instead become sessions you’ll look forward to doing daily!
  • There is no set time limit for using the Phallosan forte. The recommended amount of time of usage is 4 hours daily but with the minimal or even non-existent discomfort, you could use it for 12 hours or more!
  • The Phallosan forte can be worn discretely under your normal clothes, so you can use it even if you’re outside of your house or working. You can also use the device while you sleep so as not o waste precious time.
  • This device can work with different penis sizes.
  • There is no need for extra medication when using the device to get the maximum results!
  • And last but not the elast, wsith the improvements you get out of the Phallosan Forte to your member, you’ll also gain a renewed sense of self esteem, confidence and most importantly libido!

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>> Cons

This wouldn’t be a fair review if we didn’t include some of the disadvantages you might encounter with this product. But, it helps to be aware that not all products are perfect although Phallosan forte strives to be the best!

  • Phallosan forte will not and won’t ever promise to give you an increase in size that is simply not possible. Your penis has a size limit. You can only grow so big through the help of mitosis. Once your body realizes you’re big enough, there won’t be any more additional increase in size. You have to be realistic on this part.
  • You can’t use the Phallosan forte if you have any surface wounds or other exposed areas on your organ.
  • You have to consult with a physician before using the device to ensure that your body is healthy enough to handle the benefits this product promises to deliver.

phallosan forte

Package Contents

The official packaging of Phallosan forte contains necessary parts that are vital for the success of the product as a whole. This includes:

  • The Elastic Belt

The elastic belt is specially made to serve as a supporter for the whole device system so that it does not fall.

The elastic belt is made up of the elastic material, a foam rubber ring which will be the point of insertion for your penis and the buckle so you can adjust the length of the belt. There is also an adaptor included which is connected to the suction bell of the device.

This specialized elastic belt helps to secure both your penis and the device in place.

It is also highly adjustable so you can adjust the comfort level according to your taste.

  • Suction Bell

The suction bell is the part of the device where you will insert your penis. This is essentially the vacuum chamber that will do most of the work for the mitosis to occur. It comes in small, medium and large size within the package so you can match the appropriate suction bell to the size of your member.

  • Protector Cap

The Protector Cap is the part of the Phallosan package that is placed on the tip of the penis to protect it against strong tension settings. This will help minimize uncomfortable feelings associated with using a penis extender.

  • Tension Clip

The Tension Clip goes with a tension spring with belt assembly. These parts help you to adjust the tension level.  It also has indicator lights to tell you the level of the tension applied on the belt.

  • Suction Ball with Three-way Valve

The Suction Ball will help you to control the vacuum pressure or the tension exerted into your penis. Acting as a pump, it regulates the tension applied and can either increase or decrease the level manually. This acts as the main control in your hand to make the device work effectively.

  • Instructions for Use and Measuring Template

And finally, Phallosan forte provides an instruction manual and measuring template so you’ll have a pretty good idea how to start using it. The measuring gauge also gives you a pretty good idea at what size you started out and can help you monitor the increase in size as the use of the extender progresses. It is important for you to read the instruction manual first before doing anything so you can be guided accordingly.

How to Order, Price & Discount

To buy Phallosan forte penis extender, make sure to order it only through the official website on www.phallosan.com. This is to avoid being deceived by imitations or getting products that may give you an unpleasant experience as well as bad results.

Phallosan Forte is only $339 and comes with an additional shipping charge for $25. Additionally, ordering on its official site may also let you avail their two-year warranty for all parts. This warranty excludes suction sleeves and protector caps.

For other discounts, the website offers special rates for their customers. All you have to do is look through the special offers provided on the site. Choose one that best suits your needs and once you’re satisfied, proceed to the checkout counter.

New! Order now and get 4 free sleeves (US$100 value) and a free Phallosan forte app. 

You should be able to receive your Phallosan forte package in the mail within 2 to 6 weeks. The length of time is highly dependent on your location. The package comes in a non-descript container to provide a high level of confidentiality.

Phallosan forte has already developed an effective point of sales and delivery system throughout the years so getting the product should be a pretty painless process!

If you’re unsatisfied, you may return the package and ask for a refund or replacement.

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Final Thoughts

Phallosan Forte has been in the market for 18 years and continues to improve upon the product by incorporating new innovations into it, this keeps the product relevant even though it is almost two decades old. This length of tenure in the penis extender market should give you some assurance that this product works.

Phallosan Forte has proven to be a great product that anyone in the world can use and derive great benefits from. Basing on the amount of positive feedback from customers who have bought the product, you can safely say that it works.

The Germans got it right the first time when they focused on increasing the comfort level when using the product and sticking to realistic promises in terms of size increase. Because you don’t get your hopes raised too high, the results you gain from the product will end up more satisfactory to you.

Having a product that’s comfortable to use has also proven to be one the top selling points of the Phallosan forte. Most penis extenders require a high amount of pain tolerance as your member gets stretched. With the Phallosan forte, you get the same type of operation done but the measures put into making it a comfortable experience really provide a difference. Because there is little to no pain or discomfort associated with the usage of this product, you’ll be more than likely to use it than not.

The shorter period of usage per day also helps to make the product something that men would be more likely to use. After all, we do have other responsibilities and you can’t dedicate your entire day to just one activity. Although it is a productive activity (in terms of getting a size and width increase to your member) there are more conventional things to do on a daily basis.

It also helps that the device can be easily hidden under your normal work clothes. The level of discretion that you can get from this product means you’ll be able to use it while you work. Normally that wouldn’t be recommended but sometimes, due to time constraints, you may have to multi-task. So, being able to hide it inside your pants while it is in operation is a big plus!

Using the Phallosan forte while you sleep can also be a great way to save time while getting the increase you want in your penis size.

The Phallosan forte isn’t as expensive as you would expect from a product that has this amount of research and development invested into it. So, it is safe to say that it’s worth every penny.

All in all, with Phallosan forte, you can expect a highly satisfying outcome.

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