Male Edge Review: Does It Work or Scam?

male edge review

While not too many men will readily admit it, the size of their penis is a definite cause of concern, specifically if it is on the “miniscule” side. Men, in general, consider the size of their dick as an indication of their manliness.

Let’s face it, a bigger penis will always have a big advantage over a tiny dick when it comes to pleasing women in bed. It’s a fact that a big and wide penis can stimulate more erogenous zones inside the woman’s vagina. Thus, a small penis, to put it bluntly, poses a severe body image issue for any man. It is a real problem that needs a real solution – immediately.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to your bedroom problem: Male Edge. Read on to know more about the product, and to learn how it can help you the way it has helped thousands of other men in your situation over the years.

Are There Any Male Edge Discount Code or Coupon?

The product’s official website offers big discounts and gives away coupon codes from time to time. But even without discounts, you already enjoy some savings by buying directly from the manufacturers themselves. This is because the commissions that would otherwise be paid to middlemen are automatically passed on to direct buyers.

So, visit the website regularly for special discounts and promos that may currently be offered. This way, you can enjoy big savings on your future purchases.

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Introducing Male Edge

Manufactured by DanaMedic, a Denmark-based company, Male Edge is actually an improved and newer iteration of Jes-Extender, the original best-selling penis enhancement contraption that has dominated the niche in the past. It sold more units than any of its competitors all over the world.

For a bit of history lesson, it is worth mentioning that Jes-Extender was the first male enhancement product that presented a scientifically-tested, permanent, and viable method to increase the size of the penis without having to go under the knife.

Even at a time when the product was still among the world’s best-sellers, the makers of Jes-Extender felt that the device could still be improved in terms of power and comfort of use. Thus, they continued to conduct studies and research until they developed an overall better variant of the Jes-Extender. And that was how MaleEdge came to be. It was soon launched on the market and immediately gained consumers’ attention.

The “second coming” of the Jes-Extender is more comfortable and easier to use that any user, regardless of age and penis size, can achieve his goal of a bigger dick within a shorter period of time. The new device offers a more powerful traction force, but is just enough to be effective without compromising the user’s safety.

Following are some of the more significant benefits of the new product:

  • It can be worn anywhere – The design is specifically made to be inconspicuous when worn under comfortable clothing. You can wear it at home while performing your day to day tasks, or at work where you can confidently go about your duties without having to worry about an embarrassingly bulging crotch. There is, after all, no noticeable bulge to speak of.
  • It is painless and comfortable to wear – Although you may feel a bit of discomfort in the beginning, you will soon get over the unwanted feeling and begin to get comfortable wearing the contraption. You may even forget that you are wearing it once you get so used to having it on.
  • Effective and safe to use – Male Edge has been the subject of a lot of studies, majority of which prove that the product is safe and effective to use. You don’t have to worry about sustaining any form of injury; just make sure you use it as recommended.

How MaleEdge Works

So, how do you use the device and how does it work?

Imagine you are working out in a gym to grow your muscles. As you work out and lift weights, the pressure exerted on your muscles force the muscle tissues to tear apart. When you rest, that is when the process of healing and recovery starts. During this time, the body generates new cells to replace the torn ones, and repair your damaged tissues. The muscles then begin to grow.

The traction device works the same way in making your penis bigger. It exerts pressure on the tissues in your muscles to force them to gently and gradually tear apart. During the recovery period, penile cells are generated. Thus, you will notice that your penis will be longer and wider – even while it is in its flaccid state.

You will experience more noticeable results after one or two weeks from the day you started to use the device. Even if you are already satisfied with the gains you have achieved, it is recommended to still continue to wear the contraption for two months at shorter periods for each use to make the results lasting.

The best part is you will enjoy longer sex and more powerful orgasms with your partner without fear of any side effects. This is in contrast with using pills or supplements that may contain non-natural or synthetic ingredients.

When used properly, the device can provide many years of productive use without losing traction or having any part damaged, but only as long as it is used the right way.

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Benefits/Cons of Male Edge

The product offers a lot of benefits, a few of which have already been mentioned in a previous section of these review. Here is a more complete list of what you can expect from using the product.


  • Easy to use – Learning how to use the male extender doesn’t require even a tinge of knowledge in rocket science. Just put your dick snugly in the device, then adjust traction pressure to a level that is comfortable enough for you.
  • Fits all – Regardless of the current size of your penis, the device will fit and work properly.
  • Complete control over the traction pressure – You control how much pressure the device will exert on your penis. There are only 3 settings to select from: 1200 g, 2000 g, and 2800 g. Start at the lowest setting, and put more pressure only once you are already comfortable with the current setting.
  • You can wear the device anytime, anywhere – Whether you’re at work, relaxing at home, or out having a bit of fun with friends, you can be comfortable wearing the Male Edge male extender device.
  • Effortless extension – The device can easily be adjusted to the length you want. To do it, turn the rods clockwise. Next, just pull the rods to your intended length.
  • 1-year warranty – The product comes with a full year’s worth of warranty.
  • Durable and lightweight – While it is designed to withstand heavy duty use, the product is surprisingly lightweight as it is made from high-grade plastic.
  • Reputable manufacturer – Coming from a trusted name in the industry, you can be sure that the product is of high quality.
  • Free instructional DVD and travel bag – These freebies are ideal for men who are always on the go.
  • Free ruler/measurer – A practical bonus gift, the ruler comes in handy when it is time to measure the gains you have so far accomplished.


While there are many advantages to using the product, there are also some minor cons that you need to be aware of to enjoy optimum results when using the product.

  • The product doesn’t offer any options for directional traction – While this is nice to have, some users actually do not find it necessary.
  • Patience is required when using the device – Results do not come overnight. You cannot find any male extender on the market – in whatever form – that delivers satisfactory and lasting results in 1 day, thus this can hardly be considered a product flaw. To experience significant improvements in your penis size, you have to use the device regularly for no less than two months. While 2 months may be a long waiting time for some guys, this is actually much better compared to being laughed at and ridiculed for an entire lifetime just because you have an undersized penis.

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Which Male Edge Package to Choose

The website offers 3 packages for you to choose from – the Basic, Extra, and Pro Packages.

Male Edge Basicmale-edge-basic

Price: $149.99

What’s in the Box:

  • MaleEdge Penis Enlarger
  • Ruler / Measurer
  • MaleEdge Product Box
  • MaleEdge Rubber Strap
  • Official MaleEdge Programme
  • 1 Extra Rubber Strap

Male Edge Extra

Price: $174.99male-edge-extra

What’s in the Box:

  • MaleEdge Penis Enlarger
  • Ruler / Measurer
  • MaleEdge Product Box
  • MaleEdge Rubber Strap
  • Official MaleEdge Programme
  • 2 Extra Rubber Straps
  • 1 Protection Pad

Male Edge Pro

Price: $199.99

  • MaleEdge Penis Enlargermale edge pro review
  • Ruler / Measurer
  • MaleEdge Product Box
  • MaleEdge Rubber Strap
  • Official MaleEdge Programme
  • 4 Extra Rubber Straps
  • 2 Protection Pads
  • 1 Cohesive Gauze
  • 1 Instructional DVD

Regardless of the package you choose to buy, you can expect to enjoy the following with every order:

  • Double Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • My MaleEdge Training Diary
  • Forum Access/ Community
  • Online Instructional Video

Now, if you ask me which package is right for you, I would readily recommend the MaleEdge Pro package, if budget is no concern for you, that is. After all, it comes with the most extras that will help make your penis enlargement journey a little bit easier and more comfortable.

However, if you prefer to save some money on the extras or if you feel you don’t need them, then you can opt for any of the other two packages; everything you need are already included, anyway, and you can still enjoy the same male enhancement benefits even if you opt to buy a more affordable package.

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Discreet Shipping & Delivery

male edge discreet packaging

The company highly values your privacy. They know that the subject of male enhancement may be very touchy to you. Thus, they make sure that your privacy is well-respected at all times.

You order will be delivered via a major shipping company such as FedEx. The device will be contained in an unmarked and anonymous package. You can rest assured that only your address will be printed on the outside of the plain box – and nothing else.

Procedures for Shipping

Male Edge is usually shipped through FedEx, and it normally takes 1 to 3 days to deliver to Europe, and 2 to 5 days for the US, Canada, and the Pacific. Only the standard FedEx rates apply. Make sure to input your correct email address on the order form. This way, you will promptly receive an alert email containing the tracking number direction from the courier service provider.

For inquiries about your shipment, you may contact the nearest FedEx office in your area, then provide your tracking number. You may likewise go to the courier’s website at and input the tracking number.

Order Processing

When you place an order, the online vendor prepares and ships your purchased product within 24 hours. It will be packed inside a plain, unmarked box that bears only your delivery address. Only you will know what is inside the box.

If you placed your order online, your credit card will only be charged once the package has been shipped. When your purchase has been recorded in your credit card account, it will be reflected in your billing statement as “DanaLife ApS.”

Wait for a couple of days, and when the package finally arrives, you can immediately start your journey towards a bigger and wider penis, and ultimately, a more fulfilling sex life. At any time after receiving the package, you can contact the company’s team of doctors for advice and assistance. You can also access the user forum and talk with other users who may be in your exact same situation.

Guarantee & Warranty

Product Guarantee

The company wants to convey a very simple message, and that is:

If you buy any of our MaleEdge enhancement products, you can expect your penis to become thicker and longer. That is a promise.”

The manufacturers have so much faith in their product that they offer their patrons a double refund guarantee. This means that if your dick did not show any improvements at the conclusion of the MaleEdge programme, twice the amount of money you paid for the product will be paid to you – as simple as that.

Unlike most male enhancement lotions and pills you may see proliferating in cyberspace, Male Edge has been proven as a safe and effective method of male enhancement in numerous medical trials. Without the approval of medical professionals, the product would not have been made available for public use, and there would not have been thousands of satisfied users who have benefited from using the product.

To be eligible for the double refund guarantee, you must go online to log your progress on a weekly basis through My Male Edge. You must also take a “before and after” photograph of you dick while wearing the product, and holding a ruler beside it for consistency.


Your penis enlarger comes with a 1-year warranty. Carefully crafted by hand in Denmark, the product is made only with the best available materials.

Each manufactured male enhancement device qualifies as a Class 1 medical device. It is approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, and it bears the European CE marking. By buying a medically tested and certified product, you are guaranteed that it is totally approved and safe for home use.

Where to Buy

By purchasing only from the product’s official website, you can enjoy all the perks that the product promises, including the double refund guarantee, discreet shipping, and many more. Thus, you have no excuse to buy the product from any other source.

While you may encounter a lot of online vendors claiming that they are selling genuine Male Edge penis extenders at a much lower price, chances are they are only out for a quick buck, and these unscrupulous vendors will only scam you of your hard-earned money.

Thus, the only way to be sure that you are ordering only genuine products is to buy directly from the manufacturer’s official website. Fake make enhancement devices are not only a complete waste of money. They also pose serious health risks.

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While some men may be apprehensive about using the product because it has to be worn on a regular basis for a relatively long period of time, this is actually nothing when you compare it to the myriads of benefits you stand to enjoy – a bigger penis, more powerful orgasms, and a happy sex life, among others.

There is no overnight remedy for a tiny dick. You need to have enough patience and dedication to see the entire process through to get the big penis that you desire. Male Edge is a sound investment, and it is worth every cent you spend to buy it. That is a fact.

So, are you willing to devote a couple of months of your life to growing your penis or are you willing to spend the rest of your life being the butt of everyone’s jokes because of your miniscule dick? The choice is yours.

Buy Male Edge

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