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Penis extender products are pretty common nowadays, but very few actually manage to deliver on their promise. Not so with Quick Extender Pro. Made using conclusive science, this particular item boasts of a strong following with testimonials that talk about just how the unit gave them the results they’ve always wanted.

Currently one of the most praised penis extender products today, it’s not surprising that more are placing their orders online. If you’re one of the thousands who are contemplating on using the Quick Extender Pro, this review article should make it easier for you to make up your mind.

quick extender pro review

The Science of Penis Extenders

All penis extenders are anchored on the same basic scientific approach. The idea is to slowly promote additional growth of the penis by creating micro fractures along its length. The body then assumes its typical role of healing itself, filling in the micro fractures with flesh that overtime, adds to the length of the penis. It’s that simple and yet – it can also be complicated. Many penis extenders today rarely consider other factors in play with penis extension. Quick Extender Pro, on the other hand, adds a few more into the overall design so that it’s not just about creating the micro fractures.

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The New Concept – Double Strap System

What makes the Quick Extender Pro unique is the DSS or the Double Strap System. It’s essentially a new way of ensuring that the extender remains attached to the length of the penis during use. What makes the product unique is the inclusion of TWO silicone strap attachments. These silicone straps help halve the tension of attachment, therefore putting less pressure on the penis without decreasing traction.

The additional advantage of DSS is that there’s less slippage. With the silicone anchoring the penis in two different locations along its length, the grip is invariably more secure so you can rest assured knowing that there are no chances of the penis jumping out of its grip.

How it Works

Things are going to get a bit technical at this point, but the process of how Quick Extender Pro works can be tough to explain. The product of numerous research studies, this penis extender provides a clear and concise system of how it manages to do what it does:

Penile Traction

Everything starts off with penile traction which is essentially a gentle way of stretching the penis forward. You should be able to feel a soft tugging sensation but otherwise, there’s really no pain attached to it. The whole point of the penile traction is to produce microscopic tears – as previously explained in the preceding subheadings.

Microscopic Tears

So what are microscopic tears and how do you know you have them? As the name suggests, these tears are small – too small to be easily seen by the naked eye. You can be sure that they’re there however as soon as penile traction sets in. The tears are far from painful and will NOT cause any visible wound.

Mitosis and Cytokinesis

Here’s where the natural work of the body takes over. Even if the tears are virtually invisible, the body still recognizes their existence and does whatever it takes to heal the problem; hence, the production of new cells fill in the tears. Since they’re a perfectly natural process, you can be sure that the newly growing cells are a perfect match for the penile cells. This means that when you get an erection, these filled-in cells with react in exactly the same way as the rest of the original penile cells.

Repeated Process

The tear and healing process is repeated over and over again during the course of the treatment; hence, although the ‘filling in’ process of the tears may be small at first, overtime – they can add up to a significant amount. Obviously, this means that the length of your penis will also be added onto.

Length and Girth Improvement

A major question most males ask is: will this also affect the circumference of my penis? The quick answer is YES. Quick Extender Pro is specially created so that the body will also address girth issues. Essentially, the amount added to the length will be proportional to the amount added to the girth.

quick extender pro

Benefits of Quick Extender Pro

So what exactly makes the use of this product better than others? Using Quick Extender Pro will provide you with the following benefits:

It’s Easy and Comfortable

Made from aluminum, the product is specially designed for long-term wear. This is crucial since to notice significant changes, you’ll have to wear the product several hours a day so that it doesn’t un-stretch to its original length. Remember that in order for growth to happen, the micro tears must be healed while the penis is still at a stretched position; otherwise, no addition would occur. Fortunately, the light weight of the aluminum combined with excellent engineering means that you can wear it without worrying about pain.

It’s Customizable

The extender is customizable, which essentially means that you can adjust it to fit your penis comfortably. It doesn’t matter what your original size and girth happens to be – the Quick Extender Pro can adjust to its specifications and provide for the proper amount of penile traction.

It’s Made of Reliable Materials

Made from a combination of plastic and metal, the product is a study of futuristic engineering. Although the basic makeup of penis extenders is pretty much established, the Quick Extender Pro took it a few steps further by creating a design that’s not only effective but also comfortable. There’s also very little chance of slippage with this device – unlike other extenders wherein the penis slowly slips out of the device after frequent movement. With the unit, you don’t have to worry about this happening as you go by day to day activities.

Results are Permanent!

This is perhaps the best thing about using a penis extender – the results are 100% permanent. You don’t have to worry about your penis reverting back to its original shape after stopping its use. The formation and healing of micro fractures can’t be undone so you’ll be able to enjoy your newly enhanced penis for as long as you enjoy sex.

It’s Clean and Safe

One of the biggest issues for ordinary penis extenders is that it can promote the growth of bacteria. The part where the material covers the penis becomes blocked and moist on account of perspiration. When this happens, the moisture becomes the ideal location of bacteria growth which invariably leads to skin problems and a pungent odor. Even if the penis is washed later on, wearing the penis extender again means that the issue will come back.

The Quick Extender Pro solves this problem with the use of silicone and breathable materials. The breathable materials means that evaporation of moisture can occur even through the penile grip, therefore ensuring that there won’t be any moisture to accumulate. With the skin always dry and moisture-free, you’re 100% sure that there wouldn’t be bacteria growth.

Stronger and Longer Lasting Erections

The Quick Extender Pro doesn’t just help you form impressively large erections. It also makes it easier for you to attain erections, keep the erection going, and make sure that your penis is hard and able. The product manages to accomplish this feat by promoting blood flow towards the penis. With more blood flowing in the veins, you and your partner will be able to enjoy your harder erections. The presence of more blood also means your penile head will be more sensitive, therefore creating stronger and long-lasting orgasms.

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How Much You Can Gain

So how much can you gain using this particular product? The answer varies depending on the individual concerned. More often than not however, you’ll find yourself enjoying an additional length of ¾ inch or even a full inch with consistent and careful use.

Here’s a rough look on how the Quick Extender Pro will work on you as you wear it from one month to the next:

First to Fourth Week

The first four weeks are crucial because this is the period when the stage is set. During this point, the Quick Extender Pro will be stretching the penis muscles and allowing for more blood to flow through the veins. The more blood that comes rushing in, the healthier the cells become so that they can easily work on healing any micro fractures. More importantly, the rush of blood gives you stronger and harder erections. You may not notice any size changes just yet – but your erections will definitely be stronger and harder than before – ensuring satisfaction from your sexual partner.

Fifth to Eight Week

The fifth and eight week is when the growth starts to become evident although only in very small increments. You may start to notice that when your penis is engorged, it seems to be slightly bigger and longer than before. Unquestionably, the blood vessels will be popping out and the head becomes even more sensitive than it used to. For most males, this is the stage wherein orgasms become more powerful than ever.

Ninth Week Onwards

The ninth week is when things get interesting, especially around the 12th week of consistent use. Around the 12th week, you should be able to measure penile growth using centimeters as your measuring unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it uncomfortable?

The penile traction process can feel different but there is no pain involved. It’s perfectly normal for you to feel awkward during the first few weeks of wearing the model, but rest assured that the Quick Extender Pro was made for daily use. This means that you can use it even while at home and it shouldn’t prevent you from doing normal functions. You can easily urinate while wearing this although of course, you can’t have sex while keeping the material on.

How long before I see results?

As previously answered, results are noticeable within just 3 months of using the product. For best results however, it’s recommended to use the Quick Extender Pro for at most 6 months. During this time, males should be able to enjoy a full inch of growth to their penis.

How do I use it?

The product comes with a comprehensive manual with illustrations so you shouldn’t have any problem following the instructions. The system is incredibly easy to use with a one-click solution that provides for a quick attachment and removal.

What if parts become damaged?

The great thing about this product is that the manufacturer provides for additional parts. Even at the most basic package, you’ll get multiple attachments so that should any problem occur, you can easily replace the problematic part. If you run out of attachments however, you can contact the Quick Extender Pro hotline and order another. This ensures that you will be able to use the unit for a long time without having to buy a brand new one.

Money Back Guarantee

The makers of this product offer a money back guarantee for anyone who isn’t happy about the results after a certain amount of time has passed. A lot of products actually promise this guarantee, but very few cover a warranty of up to 6 months! That’s right – most only offer a 30-day money back guarantee or even a 3-month guarantee. This short a time isn’t enough to fully appreciate the results of a penis extender. This is why the Quick Extender Pro provides for a 6-month guarantee, ensuring that you’d be able to fully judge the product before deciding to send it back – or not. So far, testimonials for the penis extender have been positive with no returns from its buyers.

Note that most online sellers rarely respond to customer calls when it comes to warranty claims. Rest assured that this is not an issue with the Quick Extender Pro because the company has real estate offices registered under the law. Such offices are located in both the United States and Canada so it would be nearly impossible for them to dodge client requests.

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Customer Service Line

The customer service line is always open for anyone who wants to ask questions or purchase the product. Several lines are also open to clients, depending on where they happen to be located. Generally, customers from the United States and Canada can call 888-800-6987. Note that there are other numbers available based on your country.

What Other’s Are Saying

Testimonials for the Quick Extender Pro are definitely impressive with hundreds of people swearing by the effectiveness of the product. Some men note that the Extender is incredibly comfortable and allows them to concentrate on work even while wearing it. The design is also not overly bulky so it’s not too obvious when a person is sitting down.

Other praises for the product include the ability to urinate even while wearing the unit. This is a definite plus – according to many users – because removing and attaching extenders can be bothersome when done several times a day.

The length of growth confessed by users is also impressive. Take Derrick who confirmed a .5 inch growth in just 2 to 3 months of use! He also noted that his penis didn’t just increase in size; it also became easier for him to maintain an erection, stronger and harder than ever before. The recovery period for his penis also impressively changed with much shorter intervals – to the delight of his girlfriend.

Derrick is just one of the few people who provided for testimonials in behalf of Quick Extender Pro. If you’ll take a quick look in their official website, you’ll find that most of the testimonials provided there are recorded videos, giving further credence to the effectiveness of the unit.

Additional testimonials talk about not just the device itself but the items that came along with it. For example, the DVD on oral sex was very much appreciated by the buyer, together with the other instruction DVDs on the subject.

Buying Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro comes in different packages; depending on what you feel is best for your personal use. Here’s a breakdown of the packages, their cost, and exactly what each package contains:

Quick Extender Pro Value for $119.93

This is the basic package and contains everything you need to effect penile growth. The package includes:

  • Quick Extender Pro Device
  • Illustrated instructor manual
  • Superior Comfort DSS Support piece
  • Velvet travel carrying case
  • Swivel base for easy adjustment
  • One click multi stage adjustment precision
  • Medical grade silicone tubes, 2 pieces
  • Medical grade foam pads, 2 pieces
  • Medical grade lightweight extension bars, up to 7 inches
  • Spring tension force of up to 2500g
  • Manufacturer warranty of 2 months
  • No money back guarantee for this package

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard for $179.93

The Deluxe version comes with all the accessories mentioned with the Value version but with a few additions and changes:

  • Medical grade silicone tubes, 6 pieces
  • Medical grade foam pads, 6 pieces
  • Medical grade lightweight extension bars, up to 13 inches
  • Spring tension force of up to 3000g
  • Manufacturer warranty of 1 year
  • Money back guarantee of 6 monthsquick extender pro discount
  • Rizer XL Male Enhancement Pills up to 1 month
  • Guide to Harder Erections DVD

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Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited for $349.93 (Best Value)

Again, this contains all the items included in the Pro Value version but with the following additions or changes:

  • Medical grade silicone tubes, 12 pieces
  • Medical grade foam pads, 12 pieces
  • Medical grade lightweight extension bars, up to 16+ inches
  • Spring tension force of up to 3500g
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Money back guarantee of 6 months
  • Rizer XL Male Enhancement Pills up to 3 months
  • Guide to Harder Erections DVD
  • Deluxe Memory Foam Pads, 6 pieces
  • Quick Extender Pro Booster Pump
  • Deluxe Wooden Carrying Case
  • Great Sex for a Lifetime DVD, Volume 1 to 4
  • Extra Spare Springs, 6 pieces
  • Guide to Oral Pleasure DVD

Essentially, you can get the penis enlargement you want with the simple package on offer. However, if you really want to improve your sex life – not just with length and girth but also with technique – then the Deluxe Limited Edition would be your most viable choice.

Note that there are discount codes available today so if you managed to find one, you can further reduce the cost of the product! Keep in mind that the bonuses alone already save you $120 so don’t be afraid to do some research and see if you can push for better rates while still getting the results you want!

Peyronie’s Disease Package for $189.98

You can also avail of the Quick Extender Pro Penile Curvature Correction Edition although this one is available under a different package. The design is specially customized to help correct penile curvature in men, regardless of the irregularity in the angle of the penis. This product is available under a different order and may be purchased separately for just $189.98.

Protection and Privacy

Quick Extender Pro guarantees the privacy and protection of all their clients. The product is delivered discreetly with 3 different options available for delivery, depending on what is most convenient for you. You can settle the payment through PayPal or any other major credit card, giving buyers the chance to choose the model that works best for their specific needs. All these guarantee that the product can be purchased easily and received within a short span of time after furnishing the order.

best value penis extender


All in all, it’s easy to see exactly why the Quick Extender Pro is getting lots of love from men (and women) all over the internet. Currently one of the best selling penis extenders in the market today; there’s convincing proof that the unit is capable of delivering exactly what it promises.

If you want to kick things up a notch in the bedroom, this is definitely the product for you. It doesn’t matter if your penis is of an average size or if you’re perfectly happy with the length and girth of your penis, this particular extender can still provide strength and stamina benefits that will give your lady love something to talk about during girl dates!

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